Our enterprise

Sublimart is a Saint-Ambroise company that specializes only in printing on fabric by sublimation. This unique process allows printing on fabric permanently. We mainly work in the field of exhibition stands, banner printing and large format display: kiosks, wall prints, banners, stage sets, museums, festivals …

Our mission

Offer our customers an ecological visual solution that respects the environment and sustainable development.

  • Sustainable development
  • The quality
  • The teamwork
  • Engagement

Our process


The first step is to print on transfer paper with water-based inks. Then, the hot transfer takes place on a calender where the ink passes from paper to fabric. The ink is now an integral part of the fabric, which can then be washed without altering the color. The fabrics are then cut using our laser cutting table, to finally be sewn according to the needs of your order. All our products are tested on their structure before delivery to ensure that everything is in conformity.

An ecological process

Sublimart attaches great importance to sustainable development within the company. The prints are made with water soluble inks and the materials that allow it are all recycled. In addition, the products offered at Sublimart are reusable since the quality and properties of the product ensure their longevity.

Fire-resistant warranty and certification

Our products are covered by a quality guarantee and you will receive exceptional customer service from us. The fabrics used are all certified flame retardant and therefore have the fire-fighting properties required by most exhibition centers.

Our resellers

We work jointly with a team of resellers located across Canada, companies specializing in exhibition kiosks, large format printing, designers … We are developing the market in close collaboration with our partners because they are the link with the final customer. We work hand in hand with them and provide them with our expertise in the field of fabric printing so that they have the tools necessary to deliver a quality product to their customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to become a reseller.